Impressions: OUTWARD is a Solid, Gothic-esque RPG Romp

Old School for the New School - Solo or With a Friend

It’s been a bit of a slow year or so when it comes to open world RPGs and while the world waits (im)patiently for the next Elder Scrolls entry, Outward is a fantastic little gem I’m happy to hold in my hand. Outward reminds me more of the Gothic series than anything at the moment and that is definitely a welcome thing in a world full of tired retreads and soul-less, bloated games. If this game has one thing going for it overall, it’s a huge heart and that is immense in a constantly changing gaming market.

Also, drop in and out solo or co-op really spices things up. Yay for co-op options!


Simple Beauty

Outward is a very deceiving title as when you first crash upon the shore of these fantastic lands, as the overall graphical and design style is extremely simple but it doesn’t take long for the beautiful sunrise turns to a deep, dark night with stars and moons twinkling and glowing while your torch sputters and flickers. For every simple beach front, there is a beautiful spell waiting to rain down on your enemies. While there is help available, it’s refreshing to not have your hand held on every keystroke, place to go or NPC to talk to. Even the orchestral school takes you by surprise as you are wandering the vast lands and all of a sudden a creepy, low rumbling tune begins or you head back into town and a bright, powerful piece swells and washes over you. The game definitely h

It’s refreshing and liberating to just go out into the world and EXPLORE. I’m only a few hours in but loving the game so far, warts and all..

Outward is available now on Steam for $39.99