In NEON TAIL You Can Skate Your Way To Being A Hero

A game that takes strong inspirations from Jet Set Radio and Tony Hawk Pro Skater, players will be given the chance to strap on their skates once more for a cause bigger than themselves. In Rocket Juice Games title Neon Tail, players will get the chance to explore a large city while enjoying the environment. Although, they will also have to use their agility and wits to stop the invasion of cross-dimensional creatures!

There certainly is a mix in the attitude of what players are going to be faced up against, but even when you aren’t focused on the main quest line we are getting the chance to enjoy some gameplay we haven’t in awhile. Rollerblading around a large city, doing tricks, and going wherever we wanted is something that I haven’t seen since I played Jet Set Radio back in the day. Mixing that with the wild physics of doing crazy stunts, extended grinding, and other cool tricks, it is cool to see the unique ability to switch between forward and back skating - which isn’t offered in any other game.

Get ready to follow a young girl through her adventures in Bluepulse City after she, a rising SFS Pro star, acquired mysterious powers from a powerful being. Neon Tail is launching on Steam in less than a week! Currently available as Early Access, but the full launch is set for October 4th. Think you got what it takes?