Inchk1ng Banned From E-Frag CS:GO After Proof Of Match-Fixing

Inchk1ng has been banned from E-Frag after explicit evidence was found the team was match fixing and betting maximum amounts against themselves in competition. HLTV reports that CSGOlounge revealed information from an internal investigation...

After CSGOLounge delivered us all undeniable evidence, we immediately conducted our own internal investigation after which we were sure that the player of inchk1ing (Yiu "hazy" Sang Wallace Leung placed a large amount of max bets from his main account and several smurf accounts against his team during the SEA Rising Stars Promotional Semifinal match (NXL vs. inchk1ng)... for that reason we have decided to ban inchk1ng permanently from all of our events (Razer Rising Stars Leagues, Promotional Cups and others) including the TWC, that means that the current roster of inchk1ng won't be able to play for their respective nations in any circumstances at TWC 2016 or any future TWC

The match in question can be seen below. Good work by CSGOLounge. If the sport is ever to be legitimized we need to be dilligent in routing out these fools.