Indie Sensation KILLER QUEEN BLACK Gets A Release Date!

One of the best multiplayer games I got to experience at E3 2019 was Killer Queen Black! The game is a 4v4 battle to reign supreme in one of three ways: conquest, economic, and snail. Each match takes place on a single screen and the action can be quite intense! If you want to see it in action you can check out my direct feed captured from E3 below.

Anyways, the game is a blast and I have been eagerly anticipating its release since the last open beta a few months back. well, the wait is almost over as Killer Queen Black will be finally available on October 11th for PC and Switch! It also turns out that a physical edition (affiliate link) will also be released on the Switch a few weeks later on October 25th and include a bonus pair of Joy-Con skins. Killer Queen Black will be available starting at $19.99 for digital copies or $29.99 for the physical edition. A bundle pack will also be available on Steam and Humble Bundle for $59.99 that comes with for copies of the game saving players $20 from buying 4 individual copies.

Are you ready for Killer Queen Black?