The Brilliant Adventure INDIVISIBLE Comes Out Today


There are a lot of video game genres: action, adventure, fighter, puzzle, platformer, racing, RPG, shooter and many more. Lab Zero Games takes a few of these and blends them into one game that shows a lot of promise and power. Indivisible is a role-playing game with powerful tactics and strong platforming while having players dive deep into a grand story.

The game follows Ajna through a story of perils growth, staving off evil as she works on controlling her powers within. The game has a robust cast of allies and foes. Many of the allies are playable and will be necessary to combat the evil lurking in the world. Be ready for an adventure with beautiful animated scenes and a strong and original story.

The story isn’t the main bragging point of this game. The game consists of a smooth platformer that tests the skills of players as they move through the world. Along with slick platforming, the game revolves around an RPG battle system akin to more classic games. With a team of friends to back up Ajna, there is a lot to explore and lots of exciting adventures to be had in this beautifully made game.

Indivisible releases today on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.