Innovative VR Game ARCA'S PATH Is Now Available


Bringing a new style of gameplay isn’t easy to do these days. With how far technology has come, more and more options are being presented to potential gamers so that everybody can get a chance to play. While there are always going to be the hardcore gamers looking for the next challenge, it is great to see more titles coming out for those that like the more laid back and have fun approach.

Introducing a game completely made with hands free mechanics is Dream Reality Interactive with their latest title Arca’s Path VR. Using only your head to navigate through intricate puzzles and traverse a wonderfully drawn yet puzzling landscape, this game is made so that anybody with a VR headset can play; be it Playstation with the PSVR, or Steam with the HTC Vive or the Oculus.

It’s not often you see a game come out that stands out from the rest with its own unique aspects. Proving that games can be simple to learn, relaxing to play, and present a challenge all at the same time is not something to overlook. Arca’s Path VR certainly stands in the middle of those three aspects and could easily prove to be an enjoyable experience.

What do you think of the innovative hands-free gameplay mechanic they are using for Arca’s Path VR?