INSOMNIAC GAMES Takes a Stand Against President Trump

I hate to see how infectious the political party has become, so much so that it is a topic being discussed and opinions being broadcasted over all sorts of areas and industry's. And now, the game industry has officially been invaded.

Insomniac Games had their CEO and the entire studios staff, including the out of state staff there via video conference, together to attempt to make an impactful statement with a firm stand against recent elect President Trump's recent U.S. immigration policies set in place. I have to say, I do agree with them on this though.

There were other game developing groups that gave their stand through Twitter; Vlambeer, ROM2064 (vulgarly), and Playdots, who simply asked their fans to support the ACLU. Feel free to check those out, but without further discussion, here is the Insomniac Games video statement.