Internet Gets Pranked with Supposed New CALL OF DUTY Game

On January 17, 2017 the internet and Call of Duty fans were pranked with a share of a false game screenshots for both a menu and multiplayer set up screen. The game was, supposedly, called Call of Duty: People's Army, which lead to the belief that it was referring to the army in Vietnam that took place in history.

The combination of rumors that the next Call of Duty game will take place in the past like Battlefield 1 mixed with the known yearly release of a new Call of Duty game in November, fans of the series anxiously watched the short video, that is included below, of the main menu and matchmaking display. This video and fake announcement, made by an obviously fake Twitter account called 766f6e7461, brought hype to many people, whom which some are reading this with much disappointment.

It's crazy that even with all the fake news and pranks people put out on the internet that so many fans would truly believe that the new game would have such low-grade graphics and a name that doesn't follow anything like the titles from the past few years. We may not know what they will make next for sure, but it's rediculous how so many people took this for truth when the initial sharer is a Twitter account that is beyond obviously fake. It should of ended from the first post.

Activision usually announces the next Call of Duty game they have lined up for the series in May with the game launching in November. Until then, we likely will not hear anything regarding the new Call of Duty from the actual developers.

You can read more on the fake announcement from this Gamepur article.