Interview: Blind Horrors Await in PERCEPTION

Bringing something new to the table is a challenge to many developers, and making sure the original idea is usable adds on to the issues of concepts going from paper to development. Players are always looking for new aspects in their favorite genre's that keep pulling them in and can surprise them.

Who else would bring something different to the table than the developers for Bioshock and Dead Space collaborating? The Deep End Games is a team consisting of members from the two famous series, as well as others, and they are working on Perception. Help getting the game known and backing this project is their publisher, Feardemic.

About Perception

The game is based on a blind woman exploring a haunted mansion that is from her nightmares. Her vision is based on echolocation and is able to find her way around using the soundwaves of various noises she makes from footprints to using her cane to tap on things. The problem lies there though. You need sound to see, but creating sound is always what will make you be seen.

You will have to rely on the environment to create distractions and opportunities to help you traverse forward through the story and make it out of the mansion, alive. While the environment will be an asset, it will also be problematic as old houses make noises. These noises can be a distraction or a warning, in which it will be up to you, the player, to decide how to react. You do get some control as there will be items around to aid you, such as "alarm bombs," which are essentially alarm clocks you can throw across the room to make a narrow escape!

Q&A with Amanda Gardner

What inspired your team to make this game?
"Bill's grad school experience, actually. His professor inspired him to think of a groundbreaking idea, and soon it became an echolocation based game, then we started putting the story together almost immediately!"

What games inspired the overall game?
"Well The Shining inspired Perception quite a bit, and also the book House of Leaves. As for games, some of Alien: Isolation, and of course Bioshock and Dead Space."

How did the developers for Bioshock and Dead Space end up working together, and on your team?
"Bill knew Ben Johnson, who worked on Dead Space, and it ended up being a great fit."

Can players expect to see Easter Eggs and/or remnants of the past games, Bioshock or Dead Space, in this game?
"There is definitely at least two Bioshock references."

Does the echolocation mechanic mean that if the player doesn't make any noises, they will not be able to see their surroundings?
"That is correct. When Cassie walks, she makes small sounds with her footsteps, but her cane makes much more sound. There's a ton of environmental sound."

What can players expect to experience while playing your game?
"Definitely paranoia, definitely the feeling of walking on eggshells, trying to be quiet. They'll also experience a really deep and involved narrative that we're really proud of."

Would you say this defenseless horror will be atmosphere or scary monster/spirit based?
"Definitely atmosphere!"

Will there be a deep hidden story to unravel behind the base story plot?
"Absolutely - the story has been a really exciting process for us, and we can't wait for players to discover the mysteries of Echo Bluff and its inhabitants throughout the ages."

When did development start on this game?
"February 2015"

Do you ever scare yourself while developing or testing the game?
"Absolutely! I can't sit through a playthrough without jumping at least once at something I've seen hundreds of times."

Check out the Gameplay Trailer:

Perception is expected to launch in 2017 for the PC and PS4! Follow for more on Facebook and Twitter!