Interview: FARMING SIMULATOR Is Coming To Switch And Takes Us To South America

The game that grows in popularity like the crops within it by GIANTS Software, known as Farming Simulator, is bringing out a new Platinum Edition to their latest title! In light of this, I wanted to get some details about it and learned more than I expected to!

While Farming Simulator 17 originally launched on PC, PS4, and XB1 back on October 2016, their planned expansion deemed Platinum Edition will launch . I was lucky enough to speak with Martin Rabl, PR Marketing Manager at GIANTS Software and found that the main focus revolves around bringing players to South America!

Interview with Rabl

What will the main aspect of the Platinum Edition that you hope will appeal to players?
“The Platinum Expansion will offer a load of new features, vehicles and machines based on farming in South America. It will introduce a new map recreating the continents authentic landscapes, unique vegetation, railway network, local cows and sugarcane fields offering a total change of scenery.”

Will the experience be better or different than the original Farming Simulator 17 version?
“The Platinum Expansion will offer a load of new features enriching the gaming experience. It won’t be a new game, but players will be able to enjoy a scenery completely new to the Farming Simulator series. However, if you’re a fan of one of the new brands which will be added to the game you can look forward to highly detailed machines you’ll be able to use then.”

You recently launched Farming Simulator 18 on 3DS and PS Vita. Do you plan on bringing Farming Simulator 17 and/or Platinum Edition to the handheld platforms as well?
“Farming Simulator 17 is a current gen title for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It won’t run on mobile devices, as it needs way more resources than a mobile game. Farming Simulator 18 is optimized for handhelds and we will continue to improve FS18 and make this the best experience for our players on Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and mobiles.

The Platinum Edition/Expansion will be available for PC/Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. Farming Simulator will come to the Nintendo Switch though and you can carry it around for sure. This version will be close to the Farming Simulator 17 base game in terms of features and gameplay.”

What new crops and/or vehicles will be available now that we're going to be in South America?
“Sugarcane is being added to the existing variety of crop types. We also added famous brands from South America, Poland and Australia, including Stara, TT, Bizon and Gessner Industries. The CASE IH A8800 MR sugarcane harvester together with some more machines from already existing brands, like a Massey Ferguson tractor, with an open cabin will also be waiting for you to get the job done.”

Will the expansion play as its own game or a continuation?
“It is an Add-On to the Farming Simulator 17 game. Players who own the game already will be able to purchase the expansion and use it with their existing game. For new players there will also be a Platinum Edition containing the base game and the expansion.”

How much are you planning to charge for the expansion?
“The Platinum Expansion will be available for $19.99. The Platinum Edition on the other hand will be available for $49.99 on consoles (retail) and $34.99 on PC (retail/digital).”

What kind of tasks can players expect to be able to complete?
“There’s a lot to do when you’re a farmer. Plow, cultivate, sow, fertilize, harvest, mow, pick up, bale, sell products, buy vehicles and tools, feed animals, sell milk and wool. I think I could go on without even having mentioned forestry tasks yet. Now, with the Platinum expansion you’ll also be able to do all that in a South American environment and with sugarcane.”

If you didn't catch it in full above, there is mention of bringing Farming Simulator to the Nintendo Switch! While the details of this is not discussed, this is great news for those who enjoy Farming Simulator 18 on their mobile devices, but want the features and options of Farming Simulator 17 on the go!

This entire expansion seems like a big step toward owning and managing crops throughout the world! Where do you think they will take us next?