Interview: NIDHOGG 2 Is Expected To Be More Entertaining Than The Original

The incredibly popular title Nidhogg is known to be coming with a sequel after their E3 announcement of Nidhogg 2. While there were ways to play it there, the experience was started the moment you looked at the screen and saw the new graphic style they went with!

While it is an interesting, and drastic change from the original pixel men separated by one shade of color, it is also not the focus of the discussion I had with Messhof Co-Founder Kristy Norindr. I wanted to know more about the game itself and the future of Nidhogg.

Interview with Norindr

When did you guys decide to start working on a second Nidhogg?
"Conceptually, probably right after the first one. In terms of production, we knew that right after Nidhogg we wanted to finish Flywrench so we worked on that, put that out on PC/Mac and PS4, and THEN we started production on Nidhogg 2. Realistically, its been a bit over a year full time."

Did you gain more team members between Nidhogg 1 and 2? What roles were added into making the second game?
"Nidhogg 1: The first one was mark, myself, Code Mystics helped us with the port to PS4. We worked with two programmers on the Netcode at different times, and continued to update that throughout the years. We worked with Daedelus on music and I'm probably forgetting someone, but I think that was all.

Nidhogg 2: Me, Mark, a full time artist, a part time artist, UI designer, logo designer, trailer designer, web developer, PR company has been helping us since we announced the game during last twitch con, sound engineer for SFX, sound mixer, 5 musicians, record label, 1 part time Netcode programmer, 1 part time general programmer, 1 porting programmer, QA company, Localization company, good friends who are amazing game designers with great early design feedback… making a game-baby takes a village! I’d say the running total of people who have had an impact on this game is over 30 people. Core team, maybe 8? I take that back.. It totally just depends on the week."

Do you plan to have multiple modes available?
"For sure. Just like the first one, there are variants that players can adjust, so you can play the game with INFINITE combinations. Actually, there is a finite amount of combinations, but don't tell anyone."

Will you have a similar campaign style or will it be different?
"There is a single player campaign against AI that ramps with difficulty, and gives you a tour through all 10 levels.  The campaign slowly introduces you to new weapons, so you aren’t just dumped into Nidhogg 2 with all of the weapons and combinations, overwhelmed and wondering how to best use a weapon. Its meant as a kind of interactive tutorial, getting you ready to destroy your friends at the party, or your boss during lunch battles."

How many different weapons, including ones that may need to be unlocked, will be featured in the game?
"Obviously, the OG rapier returns! We added a small (and fast!) little knife, a long sword that is heavy but has reach, a Bow and Arrow with arrows that can be deflected by a weapon and ricochet back and kill the shooter, and of course, “unarmed” fists and kicks are always a popular favorite. We spent a lot of time tweaking the balance of the weapons, so people who may have played an earlier version with a slow and clunky axe and spammy OP bow will be happy with these balance improvements."

What made you guys decide to go with the art style chosen?
"It spoke to us!"

Which do you like to play more yourself; the original or the new Nidhogg?
"That’s a tough question! We love both of them! I would have to say Nidhogg 2, because if you want to play OG Nidhogg you can just hit the variables and do rapier only. There may be an achievement (cough)... never mind. The updated weapons really adds to the mind game of Nidhogg 2… with more variables, its a more complicated beast, but it still feels like Nidhogg."

What has been the best part of developing your game?
"Getting to work with amazing people is really the best part of making games in general. Some new collaborators, some old, some great friends we’ve never worked with before… and some new friends we’d love to work with again!!!"

Do you plan to continue to make more Nidhogg games in the future?
"Maybe? Maybe not? Who knows?!"

Check out the Trailer:

The game does sound awesome with a whole new set of weapons to use and the fact that they took time to make sure it is balanced! I remember when I was at E3, the demo for this game was a huge hit and it is no surprise why!

Planning to launch August 15 on PC and PS4, which will you be getting your copy on? If you plan for PS4, it's currently on pre-order with a 15% discount!