Interview: REACHING FOR PETALS Will Bring A Beautiful Experience

The interactive experience games with a deep story and a wondrous style exploration aspect is a genre that never gets old. Usually full of deep meaning that can reach multiple kinds of people with an emotional touch, these games always bring a great and memorable experience. I'm talking about games like What Remains of Edith Finch.

Another game seems to be in the work, after my interview with Christian Ledbetter on Blue Entropy Studios upcoming game, Reaching for Petals. Planning to launch on Steam in the upcoming summer of 2017, this game looks very promising.


Reaching for Petals is a poetic adventure about love, loss, and ambition in a desolated world full of mystery.

Throughout your journey, you'll revisit past memories. Each and every one of them tell a chapter of your life; slowly uncovering the meaning of your travels. In this purely story-driven experience, Reaching for Petals combines dynamic music, breathtaking visuals, and interactive choices to tell an engagingly beautiful story.

Interview with Ledbetter

What inspired you to create your game?

"The inspiration came from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. I remember playing that as a kid. It was rather different for the series; it make the player completely defenseless and forced the gameplay around an intriguing story. Later down the line, I discovered "Dear Esther" and realized that a completely story driven game is not only very immersive, but very desirable. Unfortunately, not many quality games in the same genre exist, so I made it my goal to make a great game in one of my favorite genres."

What made you choose the experience gameplay route instead of an action style featured in your inspiration?

"Personal preference I suppose. I've always been intrigued with level design in video games and eventually made that my best skill in the industry. I wanted a video game that focused on beautiful levels that fit nicely with the story, instead of distracting the player with action or mind warping puzzles. The idea is to let the player admire it."

Very cool. How long have you been working on this?

"The idea for this game has been around for a couple of years. I had a few prototypes here and there, but full development started in January."

Oh wow, not long ago. And when do you plan to launch?

"Late this summer. Likely at the end of August or beginning of September."

How long is the gameplay going to be?

"If you rush through it; an hour to and hour and a half. The game is well suited for replays to catch hidden meanings since the story is fully revealed at the end."

Ok, so it will be a short yet impactful game. Any expected audience?

"Yes. I expect players who enjoyed Dear Esther and Gone Home to be fans of this game as well."

Ah, well luckily I enjoyed both! But what will your game have that will differ from other experience games?

"Our goal is not to innovate strongly to the genre. However, our game features an interactive story that allows the player to make choices that slightly change the outcome of their past. The game isn't as straight forward as other games; it tells two stories; one vague and philosophical and one that is rooted into the main character's past. Additionally, the environment has interactive physics obstructions.

The stories become more and more connected as the overall game progresses."

Check out their Trailer:

I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this game and finding out the experience that this studio is going to be bringing us! It looks amazing and I can only hope that the story is just as touching as the aesthetics!

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