Interview: REMOTHERED Will Modernize Classic Horror

The gameplay of old school Resident Evil games is making a return to the gaming world through the indie field! Darril Arts and Stormind Games are developing a horror title called Remothered: Tormented Fathers, which from the moment I saw the first bit of game play have been following because it reminded me of classic horror game style!

They had recently released a limited time closed beta and many streamers showed off their scared face just playing through the small chunk of Remothered that was offered to the select players.

Seeing a modern version of old school horror is an intriguing idea and I love to see it coming into fruition! I reached out and spoke with Chris Darril from Darril Arts about the game and was able to learn more about the games progress.

Interview with Darril

What inspired you to make this game?
"For sure part of my inspiration was taken from my childhood when I attended primary studies to a catholic school with nuns and this, for sure, changed my life and made my cynic point of view to the catholic institution: when just personal belief turns into a fanaticism. Then I made this experience of mine meeting some of the movies that I loved the most: Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, Mulholland Dr and King's novels (first of all, IT)."
Can you explain the gameplay?
"Remothered has been compared to Silent Hill, Outlast, Amnesia and to Clock Tower/Haunting Ground and many others, but I think we're actually introducing it as an extremely real survival horror game where the stealth stuff prevails and where there's not only one and only strategy to survive. Remothered just starts as a pacing movie with complex characters speaking themselves and then, after the first 15/20', turns into a crazy psycho-killer survival game where, you'll think first, you're just going to run and hide but, well, it's not like that. Everyone will play as its own pleasure using totally different features."
What's the main objective of the game?
"Discovering the truth behind Celeste's disappearing, her mysterious nickname (Jennifer) and,at last but not the least, trusting or not about Rosemary's intentions/identity."
What aspects will bring out the horror in your game?
"The mind ones. We pointed on something more realistic, more psychological as human illnesses and craziness. We didn't point that much on esoterism or curses, OK, at one point you could also think "well, here there's something supernatural" but, believe me, everything will find its clear explanation."
How long has it been in development?
"We actually started on January 2016."
Is it Story based or more focused on gameplay?
"I think we could consider it in a perfect middle road."
Why did you choose the name for the game?
"Remothered could easily sound as something "mothered again" or "born again", but it's the crasis of more important words for the game's twist like "rem, moth, mother and red" and so, this is why I chose it."
Would you say this is defenseless or survival horror?
"You can find your own defense way in the scenario you live in, you can use the furniture to hide inside or behind, an open door to be covered with its shadow or, for example something to throw far to take away the enemies' attention or just to thrown them against them to slowing down their pursuit. It's just like a real life "horror" context where you just do not find a shotgun so easily and you're not Terminator or Chris Redfield neither."
Can you tell us what weapons we can expect to see?
"All the most common ones. The same ones you'll able to find in your own home (knife, scissors, rake, fire-poker and many others)."
Can you describe the kinds of enemies players can expect to run in to?
"Fanatics, crazy people turned into "monsters" because their own psycho-illnesses and fanaticism. The ones you encountered in the demo-beta, Dr. Felton and Red Nun, are just the first ones you need to prepare to."
Roughly how long will the game be?
"We estimated around 6-7 hours first but now we're thinking more than 7 hours."

Check out the Gameplay Trailer:

Remothered will be launching on PS4 and Steam by the end of 2017! You can follow the developmental progress on Facebook and Twitter.