Alain Moussi plays Charlie Nash in Machinima's live action series STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION. The series premieres today on go90, and is really awesome (from what we've seen of the first two episodes). Gametyrant writer Willard had a chance to sit down with Moussi to talk about his experience on the film, and quite a few other high profile films he's been apart of!

Willard: So how did you get into stunt work and how long have you been doing that?

Alain: I got involved with doing stunt work almost 6 years ago. I started on the movie Immortals, and the way it came to be is my friend was working with the fight coordinator and had me come in to start training, because I hadn't been in the film industry yet, I wanted to get into it but didn't know how. So he introduced me to the fight coordinator Jean Frenette and I started training and I happened to be the same size as the lead actor, Henry Cavill, and they used me to film all the fight concept pre-vis. When the stunt coordinator saw me on the video he asked "Is this guy available to double Henry, because we don't have a double yet." and everybody said yes, so I got the job right away. So that was my first job, to double the lead. It's funny because all the stunt guys on the film would say "How is this your first job, you don't get to double the lead on your first job." it just doesn't happen that way. It's just right place, right time, right skill and it's being thrown in the deep end and being forced to swim. It worked out really well though it was such an amazing experience. Henry and I got along great, and working with him was an awesome experience, and the stunt coordinators were great with me, they had a lot of

confidence and I worked hard. So I just wanted to learn everything I could to do the job right, and I did. It looked good for me, and that opened up a lot of doors in the future. Just an amazing experience, very scary, but an amazing experience.

Willard: You've got some serious credits, you doubled for Henry Cavill on Immortals as your first

job, you doubled for Aaron Eckhart in Erased, you worked on White House Down. A really interesting thing though, you double for Jai Courtney in Suicide Squad. I know you probably can't tell us anything about the project, but what was that experience like?

Alain: It was awesome! Suicide Squad was a really cool project, and I got to work with cool people. Number 1 is the way I got into this project is interesting because I was in the middle of hiatus for Kickboxer, because I was starting to shoot that in December 2014, and we were set to finish at any time. So my friend was the coordinator on the film and he'd been asking me for 3 months to get on the film, because he needed a double for Jai and I was their go to guy for the 6 foot big white dude, that was me. But I didn't know when I would be done with Kickboxer, and I didn't want to leave them high and dry. So I ended up meeting the fight coordinator, which is Richard Norton. So I met with him and his guys took me on the show and they said "We want you to come work with us, and you can leave and finishyour film anytime and then come back." So it worked out. On the show I got to design a lot of the action with the team, I was working with a bunch of my best friends from Canada on this, and I met a bunch of cool people who worked on Mad Max, because it was the same team that did the stunts for that. Then the cast was insane! Will Smith is one of my favorite superstars from childhood, Fresh Prince was my favorite show. So to meet him and work with him was amazing. And working with Jai was awesome, he's a funny dude, he's down to earth and hilarious., so we got along really well. Everybody else too! Joel Kinnaman is awesome, and Margot Robbie: talk about somebody that steals the show. Margot, I swear Harley Quinn will steal this movie, definitely. She's a force to be reckoned with for sure. It was fun to get a chance to work with her. And I'll give you, not a spoiler but there's a move she does in this film that's really cool that I threw in there and we trained her for it, and she just killed it. I can't wait to see what it looks like in the movie. But all in all the cast was great, and I really like the director. He did Sabotage, and End of Watch, and he wrote Training Day. It was cool to watch him work, because he could see the shots that he picked. After, I remember seeing the first trailer, we watched it with the crew and I said "This movie is going to be sick!" You don't expect to see this in a super hero movie, and I think it's going to look awesome.

Willard: Kinda the draw for a lot of people is it's not really a super hero movie, it's totally different from anything we've seen, and it's great to hear that you guys were on board with that. We're all really excited, and it's awesome that you guys are excited.

Alain: Yeah, we're so excited. It's not really what you'd expect to see. All these heroes are anti-heroes, which is really interesting. So I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this film.

Willard: So let's talk about Street Fighter, how did you get involved with Resurrection?

Alain: So one day I get a message on Facebook from Joey, and I didn't know who Joey was. It's funny, I was talking to my buddy Dennis and I say "I got this message from Joey Ansah about Street Fighter." and he tells me Joey is the guy on the Bourne Ultimatum and finally I placed him, and I had seen Assassin's Fist, and I really liked it. So I was really curious about the project and Joey sent me a lot of information on Charlie Nash, and as soon as I got into this character I thought "I have to play this character." So he had me audition for it, and it went really well. So I got to play Charlie Nash, which was awesome.

Willard: So what was the thing that got you so into Charlie Nash, what hooked you on this character?

Alain: The fact that at this point in his life, well in his second life I should say, he's an anti-hero. looked at his history and where he got started, and how he eventually died and where he is now. This is a complex character, this is a cool character because you get to play this video game character that you can humanize. I feel like I can take this guy and give him some dimension and some cool emotions that, although he's a bad ass, and he's a terminator, still give him this depth that hopefully people can see because he's tormented. He's angry, he's out for vengeance, and he just has to get it done. I feel like Charlie Nash has to get it done, and he needs help but he still wants to get it done himself. He's fighting a lot of emotions at the same time so I felt like I could give this character depth and make him more human. Plus, I knew the fighting would be lots of fun, and be really cool. To look at his set of moves that he has in the video game I felt like was really close to me, so I was really excited about bringing that to life.

Willard: Just one more quick question: You worked on Warcraft, what was that experience like?

Alain: Warcraft was so much fun. It's a big CG movie, so you've got green screens and you've got guys walking around in green suits with little polka dots on their suits that you know are going to be Orcs one day. I was doubling Travis Fimmel for a part of it, but I was also playing a soldier in the film so in all the fight scenes I was part of the core fight team so I got to fight a whole bunch of Orcs. It was exciting, and it's the kind of film that you see playbacks, and you kinda see what's going on but you never really know what it's going to look like until you see all the CG put in, and just by seeing the trailer now it's really exciting. I think it's going to be an awesome film. Visually it's going to be a really cool film. Blizzard are just genius' with the CG. But everybody I worked with on that film was great, the stunt team was incredible, and the actors that I worked with again were really great. I got along with Travis, he's a funny guy. Overall an amazing experience.

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