Interview: Travel Among the Abandoned in LORN

The theme of darkness in horror games tends to be around the idea of demons, ghosts, other realm or another way to describe haunting's. While this is perfectly find when it comes to following proper lore, it is nice to see that there is a team working on a new take on why you must traverse through the story in a setting that is mainly surrounded by darkness.

TeamKill Studio is working on a game they call Lorn. This game will be a defenseless horror, experience game and it is going to place you in the depths of the forgotten people, abandoned by their king in an attempt to control a spreading plague. The plague itself was a damnation brought about by the greed of the kingdom you, as the main character, serve. In a daring attempt to save your family, you will find yourself deep in the pit of the mines, which is where the forgotten society remains.


A new age of prosperity had been born with the discovery of the Lacerite Mines. A new element of infinite energy that can power a city with just a fragment. However, with the mining also came consequences. A great plague was released into the air and ravaged the world; bringing all life to the brink of extinction.

A woman who lives by the mines has seen the truth and goes to plead with the King to listen; but, he will not have it. The King has the mines sealed and abandoned, including all workers, and has the woman judged for witchcraft and thrown into the mines.

As one of the King's healers, you help to create the cure for this plague. And all seems well until your family falls ill. Supply's are limited and you request a hearing with the King. When your request is granted you plead with the King for medicine for your family to no avail. You decide to steal the required items needed for the elixir. Your family shows promises of a full recovery when you are arrested by the King's Guard by order of the Queen.

You are sentenced to death for bootlegging, conspiracy, extortion and the murder of the King and tossed into the Lacerite mines. Where your journey of survival begins.

Q&A with Micah Jones

What inspired you to make this game?
"My brothers and I have been hugely into games since we can remember. My entire background is in art. So, for quite some time we have been itching to create a game of our own. For myself, I love FPS games... And I really like some of the horror games that have been made in the last few years. But, what not many of them ever did for me, was leave me disturbed or creeped out. So I knew I wanted to make something that would leave people horrified, terrified. We have never made a game and this will be our first, so we needed something that we knew would be achievable, as well as learn as we go kind of project. We knew it would be easier than say taking on a RPG for example. So one of my brothers came up with the concept and we ran with it."

Is this a defenseless or survival horror?
"It will primarily be defenseless horror. If it wants to kill you, you have to run or hide. We may introduce the ability to stun the enemy for a very brief moment (to be determined)."

What games inspired the aspects in Lorn?
"There are many games at the moment that have inspired me to push Lorn, I would say: PT, Agony, Resident Evil VII, Skyrim, Outlast and DOOM; DOOM's I.d. software overall has greatly inspired me."

What can players expect while playing your game?
"What we are going for is a game that has you on edge the entire time you play. Makes you question every move you make and whether or not it will kill you. A game that you have to pause and take a break due to the immense tension. But, at the same time, a game that gives you purpose and a reason to make it through and survive. Overall, we want everyone to love Lorn."

How long has it been in development?
"It has been in development since September 10th, 2016."

When do you plan to launch?
"I am hoping to have it out sometime in 2017. Hopefully Q3, but more likely Q4. That part is a little up in the air at the moment cause, it will just be a matter of seeing how things go. We are a team of four, but at the moment I'm the only one developing this game due to equipment limitations. We will be starting a Kickstarter once we have all the official stuff to show off. I hope to develop a VR version if we can fund it through Kickstarter."

Will developing the VR version delay an initial launch or will you implement it with a compatibility update?
"We would do it at a later date. That way I can make sure it is perfect."

Can you tell me about the antagonist to Lorn?
"The antagonist is something I have been very secretive about, mostly because I want people to only see it once it is trying to kill them. I have only showed off it's chest as it is the cover art of Lorn. There will be a lot of mystery surrounding the enemy: Who it is? Why it is? What it is? As it is not like the inhabitants of the mines. It is human but, it is not normal, quite disfigured. A little Dead Space inspired. It is a victim of the genocide the Kingdom instills on it's people due to their suspicions of witchcraft. Before it becomes what it is, it was a mother with children."

Check out the Official Trailer:

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