Interview: Upcoming RPG With Story Depth, SEED OF THE ARCANE

The world within video games are often a virtual version of detailed stories letting the players have the chance and enjoyment of being within the fantasy world. Before virtual worlds, they were created on the table top style games like Dungeon and Dragons.

The story to the upcoming game Seed of the Arcane was created within a game of Dungeon and Dragons world that Infosuccess3d is working on. With a detailed fantasy world, this game will allow players to literally make their characters from scratch.

This means that you will start the same, regardless of the type of character you want, and will have to put your character through training and complete quests to join a specific faction you would prefer as well as customize the abilities and options of your character.

Here's a Video Explaining the Story

Q&A with Kostas Tsaramirsis

What can players expect while playing your game?
"Well the basic focus of this game is to make players become one with their avatar. At the beginning of the story the player starts a simple person with almost no abilities and then they build their character."

So, they will have to earn their way into a specific class?
"So, instead of starting as a wizard, they have to trained to become wizards, druids, or warriors. Also, because this game is heavily depended on story line, we give the audience a chance to play with the NPC's as well and view the world through their eyes."

So the player will start as a normal guy and will have to do specific quests to reach the different class or will it be a skill tree set up?
"They will have to do some quests for the factions to gain their class and also win the trust of their fellow guild mates."

Will that all be main or side quest options?
"Three main factions that will give six endings. You have to choose a class to complete the game thus they will be on the main quest."

Awesome, sounds pretty intricate. What inspired you to make the game this way?
"I was inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons that I was dungeon master for sixteen years and this game contains some of my best storylines. I saw that the players loved when they built their character from scratch because they felt like they are the character. I personally think that one of the most important elements of the RPG is the role playing element, thus we moved the focus of the game there."

That's a great aspect and you have experience with others doing so! Will there be specifics that fall in to place once a faction is chosen? Such as, specific weapons, armor and abilities that are for that faction alone?
"The armor is given by the factions and also we are trying to add some code of conduct. For example, if you are a knight and you start killing people, your screen trembles and you remember the oath that you had given to your king. If you fail, you instantly become fallen. Factions have specific abilities and also grant different endings. Side quest and game play will also change when you choose a faction."

Details are great to have and your game seems full of them! Can you tell me more about the main antagonist?
"The main enemy is a demon called Deceiver. This demon uses a wizard called Von and turns him to an instrument of his power. The wizard almost destroyed the world at the beginning of the game, but another wizard defeats him. This demon is trying to come back to the world of Mangion Island to destroy the world. As the name suggests, the players can expect a lot of plot twist from their enemy. Only if the player does the optimal choices can they understand fully what their enemy does and defeat their enemy without losing a dear NPC."

Sounds... deceiving, haha! So, there is a legitimate that a player can fail to complete this game?
"Yes, there are negative endings as well where the player completes the game, but still the world is in danger and the main evil is stopped temporarily by the factions."

How many good and how many bad endings do you plan to have?
"Two for each faction. Six in total."

Oh ok, so players will have a 50/50 chance. How would you describe the combat in the game?
"Free roam, the player can choose their target and hit at their own pace. Also the player will have a party along."

Will they be able to use multiple members of the party or simply control when they attack or defend?
"The player can also choose to change to an NPC, yes."

Can you explain the combat with the party?
"We have created an AI System that the player can program party members. For example, when their health is lower than 75%, heal me or do this spell. The player can also choose to play as a party character instead of their own and program their own character."

Check out the Trailer:

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