GRAVITY GHOST Is Swinging Back Into Hands


Platforming games are fun. Running to the right, jumping over and on things… then running more to the right. What if the platforms weren’t flat but circular and gravity was your method of movement and travel. Puzzles then involve slingshotting yourself all around the stars in order to make it to the next level. Gravity Ghost by Ivy Games is making combing back in full swing on the PS4. After its original release in January 2015, the game is coming back for people to enjoy on home consoles.

The game has a beautiful art style which has aged just fine. The music for Ghost Gravity is sweet and mysterious going well with the cosmic puzzles that players fly through. The story looks to flow right on time with the music, gameplay and visuals of the game. There seems to be a lot to offer in this fun little game. If you haven’t played it before, get ready to play it on your PS4, or pick it up on PC and MAC whenever you feel like it. Let us know your thoughts of the game and what was your favorite part!

Ivy Games’ Gravity Ghost will be released for PS4 on August 6th, 2019 for $14.99.