Is Capcom Hinting At The Possibility Of A MEGA MAN X-9?

A soundtrack booklet of the recently released Mega Man X collection has been the center of speculation right now as it suggests the possibility of a new Mega Man game. The Mega Man X Legacy Collection soundtracks have already been shipped to Japan, and a particular line in the booklet seemed to suggest the possibility of a new game.  "The story of X's fight is not yet over."

Well, looking at the evidence as it is, it appears that there is not much to it. However, the fan site Rockman Corner revealed that this is not the first time Capcom did this kind of thing. The Japanese publisher did a similar trick during the release of the 20th-anniversary book with the line, "the legend is not yet complete," which of course turned out to be Mega Man 9.  

To put more evidence on the table, Destructoid pointed out that the gallery section of the other Mega Man Legacy Collection contained a piece of concept art for Mega Man 11 before it was announced. Fans ignored this and concluded that it was just an unused idea until it was fully featured in the debut trailer for Mega Man 11. 

Of course, this is still not a definitive proof that a new Mega Man game is on the way, However, given that a similar situation happened before that turned out to be true, it's better not to rule anything out. 

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