Is the DRAGON QUEST Hero in SMASH ULTIMATE A Degenerate Character?

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On July 30th, the Hero from Square-Enix's Dragon Quest was added as a DLC character to expand Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s already massive roster. Along with the Hero, comes a new stage (Yggdrasil's Altar)... and a few potential headaches…

The Hero is reliant on RNG, perhaps more than any other character on the Smash Bros. roster, such as Mr. Game and Watch's side-b or Isabelle’s aerials. The Hero randomly being able to get a critical hit with his Smash Attacks is ridiculous, considering how much the Smash Bros. metagame is based on normals. Right out of the gate, the Hero has the potential to do an attack that does 40 damage!


The Hero's down-b move, which uses an assortment of random spells from the Dragon Quest series; a survey of 4 randomly generated ones, isn't so much an attack as it is a roulette of madness: he is able to create massive explosions, put the foe to sleep, do a flame slash, conjures a frozen sword, a metal form that is impervious to damage... It's insane! When I’m able to KO my friend at 0% are we still playing Smash here?

Is Dragon Quest Hero in Smash Ultimate A Degenerate Character? Is a character who relies so much on RNG detrimental to the metagame? Is there a way to make him ‘fair’? Might the Hero have to be re-balanced in future updates? Will official tournaments ban the character? Will there have to be a moratorium on using the down B special? Or will he be another Phoenix Wright (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3)?

What do you all think?