It's Possible To Pick Eevee's Evolution In POKEMON GO

It's safe to say Eevee has been one of the most sought after Pokemon since the launch of Pokemon Go! This is due to the fact that Eevee has 3 different evolutions (in this version) it can evolve from in it's base form. Some people want Jolteon, others prefer Flareon, and for some reason there are Vaporeon fans out there. If you're having trouble getting the evolution you want from your Eevee, Reddit may be able to help.

According to SmithNigel, players can affect their Eevee evolution by naming their Eevee one of the three names featured from the "Eevee Brothers" episode of the Pokemon anime! Seriously this isn't a joke...

Here's the names you have to use depending on who you want...

  • Sparky - Jolteon

  • Rainer- Vaporeon

  • Pyro- Flareon

Before you haul off and start calling BS, a TON of people are confirming that this is legit!

It makes me wonder if Niantic put any other nods to the anime in this game! CAN I FIND A TALKING MEOWTH?!