Janemba's Announcement Trailer For DRAGONBALL FIGHTERZ Reveals Another Newcomer

As Bandai Namco continues to reveal characters that are going to be in the Fighterz Pass 2 DLC for DragonBall FighterZ, half of which are currently available, they hint more and more to who the missing two characters are. Coming out of the phase of hinting and mystery they have announced the next character Janemba in his own character reveal trailer. However, it appears he isn’t alone in this trailer.

In the form of another player signing in during an arcade campaign and forcing the current player to face off against them, SSGSS Gogeta has been revealed as the final unknown character in this pass! While we were given the release date of August 8th for Janemba, there is no official release date for SSGSS Gogeta yet. So now the roster grows once again with some incredible characters that are looking to be pretty powerful and one hell of a force to face off against.

I like how they chose to reveal both characters, giving them both some time in the light and showing off some of their gameplay. The usual aspect of revealing one character in a trailer and simply providing an image of a second character, thrown on the trailer like a last minute inclusion, is not nearly as hype-inducing as seeing them in action. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of the full cast of characters coming to DragonBall FighterZ in the second FighterZ Pass DLC pack in the comments below: