Japanese Magazine Reveals New Pokemon And Alternate Forms For Meowth And Marowak

Some new Pokemon and some exciting alternate forms for old Pokemon have been revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon! Let's start first with the changes to the original 150. We've already seen a couple Pokemon from the original game who have an alternate look on Alola and it appears Meowth and Marowak will be added to that list! Both look to become dark types, and Marowak in particular looks incredible!

Serebii reports the new Pokemon we see in CoroCoro magazine (publication featured below) will be in the new game as well. I nixed their Japanese names as they'll change when they go state side anyway...

  • We learn that Normal/Fighting type Bewear has a pre evolution that is the same type.
  • The small fish you see is a water type that either evolves into several versions of it making a large fish...or it's an ability that allows it to gain a strength in numbers.
  • We have a sandcastle Pokemon that is actually haunted! It's a ghost ground type which is far more creative than a sandcastle Pokemon.

I'm really loving how Sun/Moon is repurposing original Pokemon to have alternate forms! At first, I was disappointed they weren't loading the game with new Pokemon but this idea is wayyy better. See pictures of the new Pokemon below.