Japanese POKEMON Fans Set To Get An Ancient Mew Trading Card Reprint!

Ancient Mew.jpg

Color me jealous on this one, but Japanese Pokemon fans who go to see the latest remake of Pokemon The First Movie, titled Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION, are set to receive an awesome gift. What is this gift, a reprint of the Ancient Mew trading card from the original theatrical release of Pokemon the Movie 2000! To get the card all you have to do is attend the movie at a participating theater while supplies last. Unfortunately it has been a long time since a Pokemon animated film has released in theaters so its not likely the card will make its way to the west.

Thankfully I still have my original Ancient Mew card, but there is something about going to a theater and getting a promo card that brings me a sense of nostalgia. Maybe its just an awesome callback to my youth and seeing the first 3 films in theater with friends and family. During the 2016 re-screening of Pokemon the First Movie I was lucky enough to take my then 3 year old daughter who absolutely adored it! Sadly they didn’t give out any cards at that showing.

Do you remember getting free promo cards from screenings of Pokemon? Which one was your favorite? Share your stories below!