Japanese Research Company Pays Employees More If They Are Married to 2D Characters


If someone paid you a higher salary for being married to a 2D character, whether it be anime or from games, would you take that leap? No? Ok, what if they let you take a day's leave to celebrate his or her birthday? 

According to Kotaku, this is exactly what Japanese Research company Gatebox Lab is doing. They are offering 5,000 yen ($45) extra to employees salaries if they are officially married to 2D characters in a loving, conjugal relationship. They even have marriage certificates that you can register to prove you are married to them. It won't hold up in a Japanese court of law, since the government does not recognize the marriage, but to Gatebox Lab this will be all you need.


Now, I know you can't read Japanese. However, the form is adorable. It lets you tell Gatebox how you met with your fictional 2d Character. You can tell them about the memories you've made, the dates you've been on and where you proposed. And if you are having a same sex marriage that is alright too.

Not interested in 2D characters? Well, that's ok too. They will accept 3D characters and even fantasy beasts like elves, dwarves, minotaurs, centaurs, fairies, etc. If you're a bit spaced out, you can aim for the stars and marry a science fiction character.

Even though this is quite imaginative, polygamy is not allowed. You can marry only one. That's right, ONLY ONE! So guys, hit me up in the comments with who your special one would be. I'd favor more the 3D character option than the 2D, and would lean more towards the latest Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider games. Beautiful and intelligent, with a knack for adventure... why not?



Source: KOTAKU


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