JAWS OF EXTINCTION Launches Prologue Trailer

The indie field has been dipping in to the horror genre and I have to say, a lot of these games look great! One that caught my eye awhile back is Jaws of Extinction by KYE Creations, which I interviewed back in January to learn more in the game. It is already greenlit on Steam too!

With the fact that this is a zombie based horror survival game, a genre that is rather popular these days, I did ask developer Ryan Thirlwall a question I believe hits most people the moment they hear zombies, and he had an excellent response.

What makes Jaws of Extinction different from other zombie survival games?
J.o.E. is unlike other zombie survival game because, as fans who have often been disappointed by games that could have been better, we are taking the best aspects of the genre and developing them in to something really, really enjoyable and satisfying. It's got realistic survival mechanics, true open-world exploration crossed with an immersive story line, a beautiful, emotive custom soundtrack, a detailed crafting system, upgradeable weapons and vehicles and loads of other features - there are too many to list. This is a game made with passion and skill."

This interesting indie horror game is going on Kickstarter and will need your help getting funded! They released this trailer to help get you guys hyped for what they can offer:

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