JLab Audio Unveils Attractive Wireless Ear Buds That Actually Look Comfortable

JLab audio is set to launch a line of wireless earbuds that not only look comfortable but come at a cheaper price than what you can get from Apple!  The completely wireless Epic Air bluetooth earbuds are waterproof, appear comfortable, and boast over 6 hours of battery life. If that isn't enough it's rechargeable case holds enough power for 30 hours of listening between charges.  

As someone who never really understood the hype of wireless ear buds, I think I'm starting to see the light here. In one ear you have volume control you can manipulate via buttons on the bud and on the other you can play, pause, and skip tracks if you so choose. That's pretty handy for gaming sessions or just going out on the town to run errands!

Finally, the price point comes in a full $10 below the lowest wireless earbuds on the market. It's still up there are $149.99...but man for what you're getting that sounds like more than a bargain. As someone who turned up their nose at Apple's ear buds...these actually make sense to me...and I could definitely see myself using them!

Take a look at them below and if you want to pre-order, click the link here