Job Listing Hints OVERWATCH Getting A Campaign Mode

Blizzard's hiring for a job right now that makes it sound a lot like Overwatch is getting a campaign mode! Eurogamer reports the company is seeking out a new Lead Software Engineer for an "unannounced project". Considering Blizzcon came and went without a new franchise announcement, it's safe to say this is for one of their existing games. Here's the job description...

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an experienced tools engineer to work on an unannounced project that utilizes a robust first-person engine. The ideal applicant has demonstrated ability to lead a team of engineers to success, has a vision for how tools should be built, and has an unwavering passion for developing content creation tools.
You must be an excellent engineer, collaborating closely with the technical director, and other engineering leads to build and extend a technically excellent content creation toolset and pipeline that integrates well with the game engine. You must enjoy collaborating with all disciplines, understand the vision of the game and identify the technology needed to unleash the team’s creativity and productivity. As a leader you will inspire and guide some of the most talented and passionate engineers in the industry as your team builds that technology together.

Hearthstone, Diablo, Heroes of the Storm, and WoW don't have robust first person engines so...there you have it.

Would an Overwatch campaign be something you're interested in? I know it was great in Battleborn, but that game has more of a Destiny style RPG system and I'm not sure how Overwatch's arena gameplay would translate. I guess we will have to wait and see!