Joker Takes Your Heart In SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Launch Day DLC


One of the most loved games from 2016 was the forever entertaining and winner of the Best Role-Playing Game at the 2016 Game Awards, Persona 5 by Atlus and P Studio. With many players still playing through the story and enjoying Persona 5 on a daily basis, it is no surprise that it continues to get attention from big games today.

After the official anime premiered in April 2018, it was almost to no surprise to see another great series pick them up. Specifically the main character, Joker. At The Game Awards 2018, Joker from Persona 5 was shown as the featured character in the launch day DLC character pack for Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Check out the trailer:

I’m interested to seeing Joker in action and checking out his move style. While we have all seen him within his own game, sometimes bringing them to another platform can change their style a bit. He is sure to have some amazing looking moves, but just how viable of a fighter will he be among the giant roster of Nintendo’s combators?

Either way, the glimpse we are given in his announcement trailer looks pretty amazing and I am excited to see what he can really do! What character do you hope to be featured in the second character pack?