JUMP FORCE Trailer Reveals Newest Characters Deku And Asta

While it was originally announced without a trailer that Asta from Black Clover was added to the character roster for Bandai Namco’s upcoming anime fighter game, Jump Force, it seems they decided to give him a spotlight while revealing their newest character: Deku from My Hero Academia. This has been quite the month of character reveals for Jump Force as we started with a triple reveal about a week ago, then the story and character customization trailer, and now two more roster fillers.

I did think it was strange that Asta didn’t get a trailer when he was initially announced, but it is great to see him in action now. Him and Deku both appear to be strong opponents that were worthy additions to the character roster in this anime battle royale. Check it out:

After getting to try this game during the closed beta, it is good to see how large the roster is becoming. The demo only featured roughly twelve characters, but now we are looking to have a character list as large as Smash Ultimate! Makes you wonder how many more characters they plan to bring in to the game prior to launch and what other anime’s they might add to the already diverse variety before February.

Set to launch on February 15, 2019 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, Jump Force will be bringing the largest series of battles to the control of the fans. Are there any more characters you want to see added? What three characters will form your main team?