JUMP FORCE's Story Trailer Reveals New Characters Among The Huge Roster

While the trailer is currently in Japanese, Bandai Namco is known to have English dubs as well in their games. The latest Jump Force trailer shows how multiple villains from all of our beloved Manga’s are entering our reality. They also show off the mysterious Umbras Cubes that are transforming humans into deadly mindless drones called Venoms. Check it out:

Probably the coolest aspect of this trailer is seeing how many different characters that will be available on the roster. Seeing a giant mash up of all of our favorite and hated characters from all forms of Manga is something you would never think to be in an official game, but rather a fan creation. But did you see the latest character added to the list?

If you missed him, then I am happy to inform you that they have added Dai from Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai to the roster! In the midst of all the hand-to-hand combat from majority of the fighters, Dai will use his trusty sword and spell casting abilities to stand his ground.

Even with February 15th approaching fast and Jump Force planned to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, there is still more to learn about the game before release. What do you think of the story they have introduced for this ultimate Manga mash up title?