HYPER JAM Is Looking Awesome In This Latest Trailer!

Hyper Jam looks like the weird top down brawler no one knew they wanted and needed in their their list of awesome pick-up and play games. Hyper Jam in a nutshell is an arena fighter/brawler game with a slew of weapons and fun upgrades that make each match more chaotic and fun over time while feeling fresh after hours of play.

One major difference that this game boasts is its “Perk Drafting.” A single match consists of many fairly short rounds. At the end of every round, everyone can pick one new perk to help them in battle, however the game gives these perks to people in order from last to first. This can easily help someone who is struggling a strong chance of catching up to the other people who may have been reigning terror most of the time.

Hyper Jam is the game we’ve been needing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. A super easy, pick-up brawler that anyone can have fun with but seems to have plenty of room to be fairly competitive. This dystopian, post-punk future is meant to be an exciting brawler with lot of fighting and lots of fun that leaves you wanting more and more after every match. Make sure to keep an eye on this game in the coming weeks, it releases on February 12th, just in time to duke it out with that special someone.