KEEN Is An Action Packed Slide Puzzler You Don't Want To Miss!


The Indiecade at E3 is always a a great place to stop in and catch some of the latest and greatest from the indie scene. This year was no exception with many amazing games being showcased. One of my favorites was Keen, a slide puzzle game where you battle zombies, ghosts and killer robots. There is no denying the solid gameplay my hands on demo provided. I had a blast getting the basic gameplay down and blasting through enemies. This is a slide puzzle so you need to get from point a to point b using straight lines. Enemies will be spread throughout the area and if you can get them in the path of your line dash you can deliver swift justice to their undead butts. If you manage to catch one in a corner however, you will need to deliver a few melee blows to put the suckers down.

As the levels progress you begin to run into branching paths that will require keys from one area to unlock the doors in another adding a good level of exploration to the puzzle aspects. Some puzzles will also include NPC's that you can make your way over to for a conversation. As you progress through the levels things start to get intense so be ready! For all you challenge players out there, Keen also features multiple level challenges to fill out the level rankings so be prepared for some flawless runs. Keen will be launching later this year on PC, PS4 Switch and Xbox One.