Kid Finds Meth In Used Copy Of GRAND THEFT AUTO V

A Florida mom was shocked when a trip to Gamestop netted her 11-year-old son what police would later identify as 6 grams of Meth in his copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Kayla McAllister would go viral on Facebook with her post about the incident, which can be read in full below:

Today i took my son to Gamestop in Tallahassee to trade in games and get some new ones. When he opened the booklet inside one of the pre owned games he ( MY ELEVEN YEAR OLD SON!!!!!!!) found this. A baggie of fucking meth! Clearly the game was not properly checked when it was traded in and because of the carelessness i could have lost a child. Thankfully He brought it right to us and said what is this?

Hilariously enough, this is the SECOND time Gamestop has allowed an incident exactly like this to happen. At first many thought McAllister was an internet troll seeking to get attention by basing her story of a shockingly similar story with many of the same details in Louisiana awhile back, but a police report has since confirmed that Gamestop has allowed it to happen again.

Checking a used game you purchase is just good practice. You'll never know if the game is broken otherwise, or if something is in there that a customer wouldn't want necessarily. When I worked at a used game store we had a roach crawl out of one of the used DVD's someone was trying to sell us, and we also found a joint in someone's Madden game. Why do people want to hide drugs in their game cases?!

Source: Kotaku