Killing Floor: Incursion, which was originally released last year for PC’s on Oculus Rift and Vive, will now also be released to the PS4 with PSVR support on May 1. 

PSVR players will also get an exclusive access to the level The Crucible, which is a map that sports a realistic sci-fi aesthetic similar to Tron. The Crucible began as a development area for testing out gameplay ideas in the Holdout mode. However, the developers found the map to be fun and decided to include it as an exclusive level for PSVR players. 

The game’s developer, Tripwire Interactive told the PlayStation Blog that Killing Floor: Incursion is the first game in the Killing Floor Universe with a full story arc. Developing the game became an exciting process for Tripwire as they brought “depth to the Killing Floor universe that we’ve never been able to do before.” John Gibson, President of Tripwire also provided a short description of the game that may contain a few spoilers:

“In Killing Floor: Incursion the player is a Horzine security forces soldier that has been wounded in combat against the zeds. You are placed in a neurological simulation to keep your brain stable while Horzine medics can repair your body. Emma Rose, a Horzine training officer, is your only link with the outside world, and is trying to guide you safely through the simulation.” 

Killing Floor: Incursion is a standalone title and will not require players to own any previous Killing Floor game to play. The developers did not detail on what kind of PS4 Pro support is available for the game. You can check out the game’s gameplay trailer below: 

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