KINGS OF LORN Announces Their Name Change With A New Trailer

A few months ago we were treated to the announcement trailer for upcoming survival horror game Lorn by the indie development team, TeamKill Studio. In that trailer, we got to check out some of the gameplay that will be featured, meet some enemies, and see what we are getting into. However, there has been a change along with a new announcement trailer.

Instead of simply being named Lorn, they have decided to change the name of their game to Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris. Their new trailer focuses on giving some insight into the story, but enough to give a sense of eeriness and dread. Check it out:

Kings of Lorn is still set to launch early 2019, so that is a good sign that development is flowing smoothly for them. This is one survival horror game I am really looking forward to and can still remember my terrifying experience when I played the demo!

What do you think of the games name change? And what of the new announcement trailer?