Kit Harrington Is The Villain For CALL OF DUTY INFINITE WARFARE

Jon Snow is going to be the villain in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The news comes from Game Informer after they spotted actor Kit Harrington in mocap gear in a quick clip for the development of the game. Game director Taylor Kurosaki says Harrington embodies a role unlike one we've ever seen before...

"Our story is about an epic showdown of opposing forces, and Kit immersed himself into the role and truly became the embodiment of the enemy, the Settlement Defense Front.  We can’t wait for fans to see Kit play an entirely different kind of character.”

That's all well and good, but it's not going to be like "well he was actually a bit garbage to be honest." Kit Harrington is not the only person the game is enlisting for help, it also appears that director Guy Ritchie is joining the game in an unspecified production role as well! I'll be honest I'm about due to play a new Call of Duty and this news got me interested. Despite the negative press I feel like I want to check this one out!