KOEI TECMO Is Planning To Blow Up The Nintendo Switch Library With Games

While Nintendo continues to increase the library on the Switch, Koei Tecmo has become one of the best indie developers to support the console. With their recent announcements of Nights of Azure 2 and current development of Fire Emblem Warriors, it's obvious that are fans of the console.

But now they have plans to bring even more titles over and set up their system to make doing that simple! Chairman Keiko Erikawa, stated that the company’s multi-platform engine has Switch embedded now, and can generate PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch titles all automatically! 

As if this news wasn't already good enough, Erikawa confirmed that Koei Tecmo has even more Switch exclusives in the works and plans to release as many Switch games as possible!

Anybody else just become a huge Koei Tecmo fan?

Source: Enthusiast