Konami is Already Moving Forward on Next METAL GEAR SOLID Game Without Hideo Kojima

There's been a lot of drama over at Konami recently regarding Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima. Yesterday is was reported that Kojima officially left, or was forced out of, Konami. He quickly launched  his own company called Kojima Productions, and he already landed a deal at Sony, who has his back.

Konami didn't wait long to start on the next game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. They are moving forward with their plans and are now in the process of hiring people to develop the next game. 

There's no word on who will take over the writing and directing duties, but there's no doubt that it will be very different without Kojima leading the charge. It's crazy to think that they are actually going to do this without him! He created the freakin' series!

I don't know what happened between Kojima and Konami, but it's sad it had to end like this. On a positive note, Kojima is creating a whole new franchise for Sony, and the fans are going to follow him. Maybe one day the full behind-the-scenes drama of what happened will be revealed.

There are no details on what the new MGS game will be about, or even what platforms it will be on. All we know at this point is what the talents and skills you need to qualify for the job are, such as "Experience in high-end game development, planning, etc.," a "boundless imagination and the capacity for exciting new ideas," and "a strong passion toward game creation."

Sounds like they are looking for Kojima's replacement. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this new chapter in the MGS franchise. What do you think about Konami making a new MGS game without Kojima?

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