Lackluster Zelda DLC the GOTY Sendoff??


The Legend of Zelda is an epic series that has become one of the true cult classics in the gamer world and Nintendo knows that. However, did the DLC released for Breath of Wild really try to bring something to the tables worth the extra money, or is Nintendo still riding high on Epona and trying to take our last few rupies before they go?

Many would argue Game of the Year may have been more of an award than Zelda: Breath of Wild truly deserved. Especially those of us familiar with the runners up. It’s not that the game wasn’t good, but it had a lot of flaws that many people seem to be so easily willing to overlook...just because it is Zelda. One of the biggest problems for many was the reskinning of various monsters instead of being treated to new ones on the higher levels. Some of us are not looking to fight the same Bokoblin in five different colors, no matter how cool the 'temporary' breakable weapon we get is. Despite the exciting map, the repetitive gameplay gets boring. It's the same giant Hinox, even if it's sleeping in a different place and wearing a different necklace. When you finish playing this game, that's it. You put it down. So will the DLC help you pick it up again?


Like many others, I bought the Zelda DLC in a package deal that came with the switch. Of course I was going to buy the DLC! It was going to be awesome! I want all the Zelda content I can get my hands on. This was my thought process…and Nintendo sure knows it. Which is why I think they were comfortable serving up this pile of reused garbage and try to call it DLC. I wanted what I imagine most people wanted…an additional map! I wanted to explore completely new places! More shrines are great, and I appreciate a new boss or two…but no new map locations to explore? That was the best part of the game! Even more of the same reskinned Moblins and Lizalfos. More breakable weapons. A few weak upgrades. Disappointing to say the least.


And that’s it. Fight a few new bosses. Some quick additional story, then grab your motorcycle, check out your map one last time, and say goodbye to Breath of Wild because that is all the DLC you are going to get people. Maybe in the late 20’s we might see another Zelda game. If they are always going to be this overhyped, I don’t mind waiting. 

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