Latest GOD EATER 3 Trailer Looks Like An Intense Anime Introduction

After showing off an English story trailer and the 8 player co-op mode for God Eater 3, Bandai Namco has turned their attention on the official launch of their latest God Eater game. Set to launch on February 8th on PC and PlayStation 4, they are now building hype with an amazing anime-style trailer. The recently launched “OVA” Trailer shows off some of the characters in action along as one of the most massive creatures seen in the series!

The original God Eater titles had some crazy looking monsters in it and the anime also featured some massively sized, overpowered beasts as well, but it is looking like they are out-doing themselves in God Eater 3. I can’t even fathom how we are going to be taking that beast down, but I can’t wait to do so!

It is possible this OVA Trailer is really the introduction video to the game itself though. You can see all of the main characters, a few creatures, the massive creature, and plenty of action with a splash of story elements. Either way, I could watch this trailer multiple times without getting bored! With so much going on, this is one of the craziest intros I have seen for an anime, let alone a video game.

Are you excited for the release of God Eater 3 next month?