Launch Date Announced For LUST FOR DARKNESS With Cinematic Trailer

It's not often that you find games trying to break past the rules to bring a game with unique aspects and qualities. Unless you are a fan of the house genre that is. Developers are constantly trying to push the limits of what gamers and fans of the darkest genre are willing to handle.

Bringing a game with a sexually driven horror style is Movie Games with Lust for Darkness. While it does seem that horror and sex is a classic mix, considering the multiple times it is used in horror movies, but this time the player will be the one to fight the distractions as they make their way through the story. Here's the Cinematic Trailer they released to announce the games launch date coming June 12th for PC:

I've covered Lust for Darkness with an interview before and even played through the original demo, and I have to say that watching something on a screen verses walking through it yourself are two completely different things. The general story surrounds a man that was sent a letter by his wife, who had been missing for some time, and it instructed him to find and save her at a mansion residence. The portal to the dark world is still a mysterious aspect to the game that they've done a great job keeping a secret.

This may not be a game for those that can't handle a mix of sexual and evil imagery, but for those that are brave enough to venture through... Well, this ride is looking to be different than anything we have experienced before. So tell me, do you find yourself with a Lust for Darkness?