Launch Date For UNWORTHY Announced In New Trailer

Creating a game that is both entertaining and extremely difficult can be a challenging style to meet. The most popular series that had achieved this mix was the Dark Souls saga that has an almost surprisingly large fan base. Now a developer has created a game fitting that mix and put it in a 2D action side scroller.


Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games has developed Unworthy, a difficult action packed game loaded with enemies, bosses, and a dark tale. It was awhile back when I first got to try the demo and experience the game myself, but now we have a launch date set for May 29th on PC via Steam that will let players attempt to beat the full game! Here's the announcement trailer:

Fans of dark stories and challenging fights can look forward to Unworthy being a new favorite title. Using the classic 2D side scroller view brings the fight to an almost retro style action game. With the demo finally remembered as an entertaining challenge, I can only imagine that the full game will be more of that.

Hopefully you aren't scared of a good challenge and can enjoy Unworthy for the difficult fighting game that it will be. Do you feel worthy of accepting the weight of facing the dangers that lie in your wake?