Launch Date Teaser For A FOLD APART Will Tug On Your Heartstrings

In a story focused teaser, Lightning Rod Games reveals that they will be launching their unique puzzle game A Fold Apart in June of 2019. This teaser shows the struggle between a couple as they try to maintain a long distance relationship with each other, but what isn’t directly told is that this games love story is based on a true story. The co-founder of Lighting Rod Games, Mark Laframboise, is quoted along with this teaser release saying,

“A Fold Apart may be based on my own real life experience with a long-distance relationship, but the feelings of being apart from a loved one are much more universal than that. One of our main goals for the story has been to make it accessible and relatable to anyone who plays it, including those who may not have experienced a long-distance relationship themselves."

We already know that A Fold Apart will be coming to Steam and the Nintendo Switch, but it is nice to have an actual month to expect the final launch to be in. While this trailer doesn’t show any gameplay like their previous trailer revealed, it is certainly one that can get to you. This journey is sure to be an emotional one with puzzles that will test players on how much they will do just to be connected to the one they love most.