2K Games and Firaxis today released the launch trailer for Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide. It feels like trailers for games in the Civilization series have always been beautiful, and to point out how pretty they are is just par for the course. That said, this trailer is gorgeous. Watching it for the second time I clicked away to another tab in my browser and when I came back, I assumed the video must have changed because I could have sworn I was looking at a real person. While the launch trailer doesn't say much about what features you can expect in the new expansion, it does a lot to give you a flavor of the story and events taking place in the Beyond Earth universe.

For those looking to know about features, the expansion introduces new diplomacy features, the ability to settle floating cities in the sea, four new factions, units, biomes, and artifacts. It's said that a rising tide lifts all ships, and while I can't speak for everyone else this trailer definitely has my ship riding a little higher.

The expansion is available today for Mac and PC for $29.99.


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