LAYERS OF FEAR is Coming and Pants will be Pissed

Horror Anew

There was a time when good horror games were tough to find. I still remember being amazed and equally terrified of Undying back on my Voodoo3 and Pentium III. Horror has made a resurgence in recent years and they have definitely varied in quality. I am happy to report that nothing in recent memory has been more unnerving while dripping with style in the best of ways than the upcoming Layers of Fear by Bloober (!) Team in Poland. Polish developers rock and your pants will be wet by the end. I promise.

Our full review will be live next week, but for now we've received an amazing package from the team and the stellar folks at Evolve PR complete with a demented children's book, a ghastly portrait, and a preview build of the game, all wrapped in straw and twine. In a world becoming increasingly digital, this physical manifestation (ok, last pun) is an absolute delight. Huge props to the team for sending this quality intro to a terrifying world.. Stay tuned for our full review. For now, enjoy the package below.