LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Adding Feature To Allow 4v5 Matchups To Forfeit Without Penalty

League of Legends wants to help teams from suffering at the cost of "feeders" and people going AFK. Teams that have a player disconnect for over 90 seconds in the first 3 minutes of the game will have an opportunity to declare a "remake" and end the match without penalty. For this to occur, there can not have been any first blood before the game will give the team the option to drop out. If the team does opt out they will see no penalty in leaving the game and all loss points and penalty will fall on the player who went AFK or disconnected.

I'm sure this isn't too relevant for a ton of people reading this but Diamond V rank and above teams will still take the loss to prevent abuse and keep the games integrity. The feature will be available in patch 6.11. If you want more details on how this will be implemented, check out the official post here.