LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Has A Tinder-Like Matching App For Gaming

In case this was news to you, gamers have sex. Some far less than others, but sex nonetheless. Now, League of Legends players may have a chance to "hook up" with "Unite LoL", the self-described "Tinder" of MOBA apps. Players can try to get sexual encounters with it, but I imagine the foreplay would be incredibly biased towards experienced players, and the pillow talk toxic and demeaning at best.

Really what this app is for is matching like-minded players by region. Players will be able to put their profile, stats, and preferences on the app and be matched with players looking for people like them, as well as select players they might be a good match for.

The app is currently free on iOS and an Android app is in development. Once again you probably shouldn't use it for sex.