Leaked Impression For THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Says Game Is "Hardest Zelda Ever"

Polygon's impression of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild leaked a bit early, and the impression is very promising for anyone looking forward to the game. While the impression is now off their site, the article quickly found it's way to Reddit. The reviewer states that there's a "laundry list of things," he can't discuss yet, but describes it as the "hardest Zelda game," he's ever played:

"In fact, as an “old” who literally grew up playing the original Zelda games on NES and SNES when they came out, I’d argue it’s the hardest Zelda game period. The first twenty minutes or so are pretty low key — you can kill the scrub bokoblins and other minor enemies you meet without much trouble using nothing more than a tree branch picked up off the ground. But once you leave the initial learning spaces and venture into more typical zones, you’re probably going to die."

The reviewer describes the game as a "more forgiving," open world Dark Souls. The forgiving nature comes in with saving not placing you too far from your death, and letting you keep your items. That said, it sounds like a lot of areas it's better just to sneak on by if you don't have the jump on some of your enemies. If you do encounter, buffs via food recipes sound mandatory as some common enemies distribute as many as 6 hearts damage per hit. 

In addition to difficulty, the reviewer also praised the puzzle aspect of the game's dungeons saying it respects your intelligence. There's also a fairly lengthy bit talking about the weapons and how many of them have dual functionality. An example is that the boomerang can now be used as a melee weapon in addition to being thrown. You'll also have to be ready to catch your boomerang or it'll just whizz by and you're gonna have to find it. 

This is just one guy's opinion mind you, but it's certainly a different impression and feel than I ever expected coming out of a Zelda game! You can check out his full piece at the link below, and pick up The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild March 3rd on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit