Leaked Photos Show "Remix Remaster" Of DUKE NUKEM 3D, Game Announcement Coming

Leaks coming from Reddit and a teaser website have lead to the conclusion that Duke Nukem 3D is getting a remaster. More specifically, a "remix remaster". Next Friday, it's assumed we will learn of the remaster that will go by the name Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour. 

The game doesn't look too "updated" from the pictures, unless you look at the original game....so look at that and read on below. 

So where does the "remix" come in? According to the Reddit post, co-op and an online deathmatch mode are to be added, as well as some new content for the game. I remember playing this one as a kid and loving it! I'm curious to see what they will bring to the game this time to pull me back in. See the "leaked" photos below.