Legendaries And More Info Revealed In Latest POKEMON SUN And MOON Video

The latest Nintendo video on Pokemon Sun and Moon is chocked full with a lot of information regarding the new game. Besides learning the names and types of the game's legendaries, we also learned about some new gameplay features unique to the game. Here's a brief overview of the highlights...

  • Solgaleo is the name of Pokemon Sun's legendary. Solgaeo is a Psychic-Steel Pokemon with an ability that negates status effects it would appear. He performs a "Sunsteel Strike" in the trailer.
  • Lunala is the Pokemon Moon legendary. Lunala is Psychic-Ghost and her ability is not made known in the trailer. We see a Moongeist Beam performed.
  • The Alola region appears to have four large islands and one small island you can explore.
  • We see the customizable options for trainers have further expanded.
  • We meet professor Kukui who makes the statement that the Alola reason is chock full of "nothin but rare Pokemon". We also meet his "mysterious" assistant Lillie.
  • We meet your friend Nau. Presumably, he's the new rival but it would be cool if you had a sidekick!
  • Your Pokedex has a Rotom inside it, which makes it more animated.

I dig the idea that this game may focus on hard to obtain Pokemon. If we can't get entirely new ones that sounds like the next best thing. Can't wait to check it out Novemeber 18th!